Dismiss Your Texas Traffic Ticket with a Driver Safety Course

Take a Texas Driver Safety Course For Ticket Dismissal

If you’ve been cited for a traffic offense in Texas, you may be eligible to have the ticket dismissed by taking a state-approved defensive driving course. Most tickets have a link on the back that allows you to take the course online.

Complete the six-hour course and provide a certificate of completion to the court. Some courts also require a copy of your official Texas driving record.

Online Courses

If you’re able to meet the requirements set by the court (see the back of your ticket for details), taking a Texas driver safety course may dismiss your traffic ticket and reduce points on your license. These classes are offered online by a wide variety of providers and are TDLR approved.

Online courses are typically a mixture of text and video, with quizzes sprinkled throughout to help you keep on track. Some offer interactive games and even apps to make the lessons more engaging. Some providers also give you a little extra leeway with your course completion date if you’re running behind.

iDriveSafely is a reputable option that has been around for decades. It’s available online and offers a great mix of text and video, with easy 10 question quizzes. Their customer support team is on hand to help if you need it, too.

In-Person Courses

TDLR-approved in-person defensive driving courses are offered at many community colleges, adult education centers and private schools. In-person courses typically cost a little more than online options, but they are convenient and offer the flexibility to take the course at your own pace.

Founded by a former classroom instructor, Approved Course Texas offers a surprisingly fun course that keeps you engaged with video clips and John’s appearance throughout the material. The course is easy to navigate, and the price is competitive.

If you have been granted permission by the court to attend a driver safety course in order to get your ticket dismissed, it is important that you submit both the completed certificate of completion and a certified copy of your Texas driving record (Type 3A) to the court on or before your court appearance date. Check with the court for specific instructions on how to submit these items. If you miss your court date, you may be subject to a fine and/or fees.

TDLR Approved Courses

There are many online defensive driving courses, but you should make sure that the course is State approved. This can be verified by visiting the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website.

This TDLR-approved course offers students the option to dismiss their traffic ticket, as well as save up to 10% on their auto insurance rates. It is entirely online and can be taken at your own pace. The course is easy to understand and provides a lot of useful information, including safety tips and tricks for safe driving.

This TDLR-approved course is offered in both English and Spanish and can be completed online. The course is designed to be interactive and fun, with video clips, games, and quizzes. It is also user friendly and allows you to log in and out as often as necessary. This is a great option for those who do not want to attend a classroom course. The course is taught by Aceable, a robot who will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Insurance Discounts

Many car insurance providers offer a discount (usually between 1% and 10%) for their policy holders who successfully complete a Texas defensive driving course online. This is a great way to save on your car insurance premium and it’s one of the reasons why you should always opt for an online defensive driving course.

Aceable is the most popular and trusted provider of TDLR-approved online driver safety courses. Their flagship course is led by their robot mascot, Ace, who will guide you from start to finish and help you get your ticket dismissed or an insurance discount. They also have customer support available seven days a week.

This family-run business is well known in the state of Texas for its affordable and effective courses. They boast a low price guarantee and have top-rated customer ratings. Their website offers both text and video components as well as a mobile app for convenience. Be sure to select the reason code “Insurance Discount” when you register so that your certificate of completion is accepted by the court for ticket dismissal or an insurance discount.

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